User needs, our pursuit

To high-grade, high quality, high quality service, and actively explore the market force

  • Strengthen the management of the national machinery industry to accelerate the transformation and up Strengthen the management of t。。。
  • Smart times, is your bulldozer still doing this? Smart times, is your bulldozer。。。
  • Transformation and upgrading of innovation - Construction Machinery Industry Development Forum held Transformation and upgrading o。。。
  • Planning for the development of construction machinery industry in 13th Five-Year officially release Planning for the development o。。。
  • World super large section rectangular pipe jacking machine World super large section rect...
  • Not only in mechanical innovation, luxury debut Las Vegas Construction Machinery Exhibition Not only in mechanical innovat...


    New leap*New group*New start *New journey The company adhere to the "customer needs, our pursuit of" the core values of the enterprise, adhering to the "innovation, integration of high quality resources, the pursuit of customer satisfaction, advocate team cooperation, build brands, enhance the value of the product of the company vision, high grade, high quality, high quality service and actively explore the market, for many years was" the famous brand product "title.

    About Us

    In the future, will seize the opportunity to adjust the structure, enhance the level of transformation and development, to achieve a new leap forward

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